Level 2 Food Safety

Level 2 Food Safety

£50.00 Plus VAT

The course has been designed for entry level into a food factory



Who Should Take This Course?

The course has been designed for entry level into a food factory.

Course Structure

The course has been developed incorporating graphics, animation, games,  video and voiceover to create a rich interactive experience.

This helps maintain the learners’ interest throughout the course, as well as making the subject easy to learn.


  • The reasons of food safety and their consequences
  • Benefits of Food Safety
  • Overview of HACCP
  • Employees and employers responsibilities
  • Due Diligence
  • Legal requirements
  • Cleaning methods and techniques
  • Bacteria, how they spread and how to prevent them from growing
  • The reasons behind PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and how to correctly wear it


An on-line assessment is taken at the end of each of the 10 modules, and the assessment needs to be passed to continue to the next module. Once all 10 modules have been passed, the student can sit a 30 multi-choice exam, and on passing will receive an E-Learning Company certificate of achievement.