Cleaning in Place

Cleaning in Place

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The Level 3 ‘Cleaning in Place’ course is designed to enhance the understanding of CIP for individuals who have a responsibility for the operation, monitoring or maintenance of CIP systems.

This course can be used as an introduction to CIP for new employees or as refresher training for more experienced ones.

Course Structure

The course has been developed incorporating graphics, animation, voiceover and video to create a rich interactive experience, that helps maintain the learners’ interest throughout the course, as well as making the subject easy to learn.


Modules covered within the course are:

  • Overview of cleaning
  • Typical CIP sequence
  • Cleaning factors
  • Chemical Selection
  • CIP sets
  • CIP design & common issues
  • CIP records


Competence is assessed by the completion of a multiple choice test at the end of the course.


It is estimated the course will take two hours to complete. The course can be completed in one sitting or multiple sessions depending on the learners’ requirements.